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Introducing our Eco-friendly Kraft Paper Disposable Box, the perfect choice for sustainable and convenient packaging. Crafted from 100% recycled kraft paper, this box offers an environmentally conscious solution without compromising on functionality or durability. Our Eco-friendly Kraft Paper Disposable Box is designed to be both practical and eco-conscious. It provides a reliable and secure packaging option for a variety of purposes, including takeout meals, food delivery, party favors, and more. The box's sturdy construction ensures that it can safely hold and transport your items without the risk of leakage or damage. Made from responsibly sourced materials, this disposable box helps reduce waste and minimizes the strain on natural resources. By utilizing recycled kraft paper, we contribute to a more sustainable future and promote the principles of a circular economy. The compact and foldable design of our Kraft Paper Disposable Box allows for easy storage and transportation. It can be quickly assembled when needed and conveniently collapsed for space-saving storage after use. This feature is especially useful for businesses with limited storage space or for individuals on the go. In addition to its eco-friendly composition, this disposable box is also free from harmful chemicals and coatings. It ensures that your food or products remain safe and uncontaminated during transportation or storage, making it a reliable choice for foodservice providers and conscientious consumers. By choosing our Eco-friendly Kraft Paper Disposable Box, you not only reduce your environmental impact but also demonstrate your commitment to sustainability. The natural and earthy appearance of the kraft paper adds a touch of elegance to your packaging, allowing you to present your products or meals with style and eco-consciousness. Make the switch to our Eco-friendly Kraft Paper Disposable Box and embrace a greener approach to packaging. By choosing this sustainable alternative, you contribute to a cleaner environment and inspire others to make eco-friendly choices in their daily lives.
Made from food grade certified kraft paper in a 100% sterile environment.

Food Grade 300-337g Kraft Paper + 20g PE Lining.

Option for size and design customization.


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Eco-friendly Kraft Paper Disposable Box



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